What determines "Shared Libraries" list in OneDrive?

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My organization is in the process of rolling out Teams and OneDrive.  When a user logs in into OneDrive via the web browser, they are presented with a list of "Shared Libraries" on the left hand pane. What determines how this is populated?  I ask because I am a member and have favorited 8 Teams and only 6 of them show up.  Two of the the other Shared Library site are SP Online site I am a member of.


In the classic OneDrive view, this is called "Groups" and everything that i have in Teams or SP shows up. 


I have poked around the SP admin and OneDrive admin settings in o365 as well as user settings but cannot seem to find anything.  I need to explain why/what determines this list to my users if its not something a user or admin can change.



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I belive they are populated with the graph, meaning the mostly used sites, of most interest etc..
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Correct...this list of sites as happens in other places is provided by the Graph and it's contextual to the's not based on favorite Teams or sites, it's based on how you interact with those sites

Thanks everyone!  I also spoke with a OneDrive developer I met at Ignite 2018.  He said


"The Frequent list is your top 12 SharePoint TeamSites as determined by your file, news + pages activity - and we have work planned so that the list in ODB is only influenced by your file activity."


This is where Graph comes in.  Hope this answer helps anyone else looking.

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Hi there, I was just trying to find an answer to this issue as my list has changed this morning to show Shared Libraries of things that I have not frequently been using. Any one else noticed this?

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Having gone through a recent adoption of OneDrive,  this "feature" has been the most frustrating aspect of OneDrive for our users.  They would like to be able to readily get to Shared Libraries that they have been given access to and often cannot.  There is a catch 22 that you can only get a  library to show up in your shared libraries list once it has been given a non-transparent amount of use.  Additionally, it is not clear why shared libraries disappear from the OneDrive list.  This has resulted in numerous support calls and frustrated users.  There must be a better way.   Users would love to be able to select from the libraries they have access to show up on that list or to have their frequently accessed libraries show up and a link to all other options.



Agreed. This is the #1 source of confusion in our organization.  We've directed all staff to use the Classic OneDrive view until this is addressed.

Agreed. This is just a terribly poor design decision on Microsoft's part. We're in the middle of attempting to migrate from Box to OneDrive and this is causing massive confusion. There needs to be a way to list all of the shared libraries that a person has access to.

Indeed. I came up against this problem and found the following four factors affect whether OneDrive displays "Shared Libraries" correctly or not:

  • Delve must be enabled (SharePoint Admin Centre / Settings / classic settings page / Enable Delve and related features)
  • If the Shared Library is part of a Microsoft 365 Group or Team, any users who are Owners need to be Members too. Sometimes this doesn't happen, especially if the Team Owner was assigned through the Teams Admin Centre - and causes problems in various places, including the Planner app. You can check this by adding a second user as an Owner, make the first user a Member, then make the first user an Owner again, and remove the second user.
  • If the Shared Library is part of a Microsoft 365 Group or Team, make sure you access the Files area at least once - it is not created immediately when the Group or Team is first made.
  • Create a file or folder in the Shared Library so that it is seen as 'Recently active' by Delve - then WAIT a while and it should appear.
  • (You can also 'pin' or 'follow' a Shared Library - access it through the SharePoint interface, then change the 'Not following' link in the top right hand corner to 'Following'. However this should not be necessary if the above steps work

It's not perfect but following these steps appeared to get most Shared Libraries to appear when we needed them to.