What are the Actual limitations and guidelines for OfB

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Hi everyone! If you bing/google for "OneDrive for business limitaions" you get a lot of facts that simply aren't true anymore, they may serve as a recommendation but are not a hard limit anymore. Some "rules" may only apply in some conditions, using some sync client or some browser.


There are clearly separate limits to the service itself and there are separate limits to the sync clients.

It would be great if someone who knows for a fact (product team perhaps) could break down the different limitations and post them here, maybe even perhaps publish a definitive guide/single source of information that is updated whenever there is a change (I have noticed som not-so-current technet pages on the subject of OfB limits).


  • File sizes
  • URL lenghts and file path lenghts, encoding etc.
  • File and folder names that are not supported. Again, I'm looking for limitations in both the service itself and in the sync client in separate lists.
  • anything else that is relevant




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Very good questions, I've been looking for the same info myself, so I'll be keen to see the responses here.
I agree, there is a need of updating official documentation with new limits for ODFB but I guess we should wait until the new Sync Client is the only one available for synchronizing locally

so there is a Microsoft site for the "new" client (Next Generation Sync client)


Hans Brender

However, It will be interesting to be notified (by email or RSS) when there were change in this web page (ODB restrictions and limitations).