Version 2016 (Build 17.3.6642.0922) stuck on authentication no more sync possible

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is anyone else experiencing issues with the above version of the just released ODFB NGSC version? I had the following status before I installed the preview:


1. Personal OneDrive installed for years.

2. Old ODFB sync client installed for years (groove.exe)


After the installation of the new version. My ODFB Sync doesn't work at all. It always says I don't have an account configured. One I configure my business account it says I already have tha configured. I'm not able to fix the problem right now. The only solution I can think of is to uninstall Office 365 Pro Plus and reinstall without ODFB and after that install the NGSC version. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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if you install the new Preview version (read the document carefully, also the known issues)  you are able to sync.
With this version there is no automate update for the snyced "groove" libraries, you have to do it manually.

My first experience: Good, (I have only the issues with Internet Explorer)
Read here

thanks. Read the document before. It worked for a few days and then it stopped. It seems like it get stuck between personal OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. @Ragnar Heil that's the post I wrote. Cannot add Reuben to it as he's not being resolved here.

I have done it with 2 diffrent machines. And it runs, but on the W10 machine, the cloud symbol always says: "aktualisere Dateien", the hold day.

I installed 0922 a day ago, before that it was the previos version of NGSC. It works both with personal and OD4B accounts, in parrallel groove.exe syncs Sharepoint folders (going to shift that on NGSC as well). No problems so far.

Same here (Windows 10 1607).

Works fine and after about two hours it gets stuck in "processing changes". In this state it does not sync anymore.

Closing and restarting the sync client resolves the issue until it reverts to that state after another two hours.


Ideas anyone?


Unlinking and relinking is typically what is done for this type of symptom.

I can't even get passed adding my ODFB business account. Therefore I'm not able to relink anything. I'll probably revert back to groove and try again. I'll let you know the results.

Sorry guys, but my OneDrive is completely ruined. I tried Office repair. I tried relinking, but no success. Unfortunately I have to get it back running fast, because I have all my files online and I really need to sync some stuff. I'll probably reinstall Office C2R over the weekend unless someone finds out how to uninstall ODFB without uninstalling Office. :) I just hope this problem isn't a general one. I should attach some screenshots to show you what my machine looks like.

Account page second sayind already addedAccount page second sayind already added

Account page second sayind already addedAccount page second sayind already addedAdd Account page firstAdd Account page firstTask Pane ViewTask Pane ViewODFB_Account_Page.PNGWindows Explorer ViewWindows Explorer View

Found a solution that worked for me. Had to delete some registry keys, but wouldn't recommend to do it. After that I could re add my ODFB and sync SP Libraries.
Please tell us the solution in case we encounter the same issue?

Solution for me was:


1. Stop all Sync clients (groove.exe and onedrive.exe) if running

2. Open Registry as administrative User

3. Locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OneDrive\Accounts\Business1

4. Right click and export Business 1

5. Delete Business 1 key

6. Restart onedrive.exe this should recreate the registry keys.

7. It'll ask you to sign in with your business or school account and hopefully starts syncing again.


No guarantee what so ever from my side. Use these instructions at you own risk.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to post your solution!