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As an administrator I need to report list of files that shared from users's onedrive from day 1 of Office 365 implementation in my organization. I tried many APIs but not able to get the list of shared filed details.

I was able to achieve granting access to service account to users SharePoint personal site through PowerShell script then reverting the access but this is not the correct way. 


I am looking for a API which can provide me list of shared files (or shared files count) from users onedrive.


Thanks in advance,

K Senthilrajan

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Hello Senthil


You can check the OneDrive Activity Report in Office 365 admin center which generates activity upto 180 days for shared files specific to user.



You can use Security Center to get this via Content Search.

Can also find items shared internally using SharedWithUsersOWSUser

Not sure about API access to these but would need to check into Security Center Search API's
By the way, at Ignite the team disclosed that these reports are coming to ODFB...just a question of time

Thanks for the suggestions.

But I am aware of the activity logs but it has last 180 days logs. I am looking for a details report from day 1 of office 365 implementation. 


Reason for report:

- Our organization for is going be renamed and we will be changing upn as well. This upn change will create impact in user's  OneDrive sharing. 

- All shared files links will be updated with new url

- To get a analysis report we want full logs of ODFB sharing details.


Any advise or suggestion..



K Senthilrajan