Urgent help needed with One Drive!

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I purchased an account for Microsoft 365 and one drive 5TB from a vendor almost a year ago. The seller promised me it would be a lifetime account since he charged a lot. Anyway, I synced my PC with that one drive account, and recently I came to know the account is either no longer active or the password can only be reset by the admin ( I have no idea who it is ).  Right, now, I can neither access the account nor unsync it despite uninstalling the app from windows 11. It is restricting me from installing anything on my computer. I work as a video editor, and I must install updated software to run my business smoothly. whenever I try to install something, the system shows Error 5 (Screenshot attached ).  I don't know what to do. My business is under great threat at the moment. I have project dead Lines to meet soon. I have tried resetting the password, but I need admin permission which I also requested, and I haven't heard from them. 

Please advice. filmora error.png


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@Kazi_Mohaimin There are no lifetime accounts. You have been scammed. 


It's also possible all your data has been compromised by the scammer. Contact Microsoft in your country immediately. 


This forum is not Microsoft. You must contact them yourself.

For Sure, I have been scammed. Now, how do I contact Microsoft directly? I looked for ways, but there's no direct contact channel. the best I could do was send a request to the admin to allow me to reset the password. Any more advice? @Mike Williams 

The "admin" is probably the scammer. {facepalm}.

Waiting for a response on this forum for criminal activity instead of dealing with it speedily is not in your best interest.

I don't know what country you're in. I cannot believe you cannot find a support or other contact number or site for Microsoft wherever you are. Otherwise contact the police.