[URGENT] Cannot access my files on OneDrive Personal account

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I tried everything found on the Internet. I even used a brand new laptop but always got this error when trying to access my files. 

Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 8.22.33 PM.png

I have been retrying the whole day but no luck.

Please help urgently, I really need to access a report and this report is very important to me. It needs to be submitted in 24 hours. 

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You're going to need to provide more details. That screenshot isn't enough to show what's going on. Probably best to approach this by explaining what you've done so far to try and get it to work.
I have encountered exactly the same problem since today, maybe related to the latest windows update

The screenshot is taken off my OneDrive Web.

I tried logging out and logged in again. I also tried logging in using a brand new laptop. All pointed to the same result.

There used to be folder and files but now all I got is that error message.

Is it not in the OneDrive folder either on the desktop?
I too am having the same problem accessing my OneDrive files. Is the OneDrive platform down? What's the solution?
So... what does thy OneDrive look like?


The homepage is blank?

I have seen that before, but right now, it works


The home page is blank.  I have a Hotmail.com and an Outlook.com account. 


My Outlook.com seems to work.


But My Hotmail.com account has important files I need.  It is also mounted on my local PC.  I cannot see any files either on the web or my local OneDrive app is attempting to sync.





Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 12.47.23 AM.png


 OneDrive sucks big time. I totally lost the very little trust I have left for Microsoft.

What is the error on the OneDrive App?

I have seen that before, it fixed it self a while back.

What is the error on the OneDrive App?
It just takes forever to log in. I formatted my laptop last week, so no backups. I guess it s just my luck then. 

Contact Microsoft Support???
Do they even have support for Personal subscription ? I don't find any

Interesting, I didn't do anything but now it's back to normal. Shall be MS problem applied to partial accounts (mine is family subscription)

Interesting, I forgot to mention can use this link to check service stautus for Microsoft Services:


Type "talk to agent" then follow the prompts.. I have contacted Microsoft Support many times and 99% of the time they can fix it :)


Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 7.30.10 AM.png

It said 'To contact Microsoft Support, please select Contact Support below.', but there s nothing below it.


There is no link for "I still need help". I m really tired of OneDrive and Microsoft.

I guess this video is based on many true stories then :) I m giving up now.



I found a very old PDF export of the most important file. I m going to convert it to Google Docs on GDrive now and redo the missing work.


Thanks very much for your help so far but time is running out for me.

It's just a thought; Is there any possibility that the account is locked? Maybe you can try here to submit the AccountReinstatement form