Upload Troubles - One computer not consistently uploading to the Shared OneDrive

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Hi All,


This is my first post so be kind! 


I am acting IT guy for our relatively small company. We rely heavily on one OneDrive for the day to day running as we are working from home as a lot of people are these days. 


We are running into an issue I wonder if anybody else has experienced?


We all have access to a shared OneDrive account - My computer is very inconsistent for what does and doesn't upload. I can happily edit files already on the OneDrive. I can make a new file and my colleagues will see it, however, on occasion said file will appear to upload from my end but never appear on the shared drive. We are talking word or excel files here nothing massive. 


We have one main account that is acting as host for the account then we all have access to that account from our own office accounts. 


If anyone can shed light I would be most grateful. 


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