update-process for OneDrive for business with offline-clients (internal network only)

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Hi techcommunity,

currently I’m designing the update-process for OneDrive for Business for an enterprise network. Following preferences are set:

  • computerbased installation
  • Sharepoint 2019 on-prem as backbone (no hybrid or cloud-only, nor O365)
  • deployment via Endpoint Configuration Manager 2010 package
  • only for syncing team-directories, no personal folders
  • configuration via GPOs


Now I have the problem that we have computers that are used in intranet-only networks with no internet connection, so updating via the built-in standalone updater won’t work from scratch.

Now I have to options afaik:

Either we deploy new updates in a certain update-cycle (deferred ring) with new EPCM-Packages or we declare an internal update resource like mentioned here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/onedrive/sync-client-update-process#how-we-release-updates-through-...
“Deploy new versions from an internal network location to avoid using Internet bandwidth. (If you don't deploy an update after 60 days, it will be automatically downloaded and installed.)”

Unfortunately I can’t find the needed setting to declare an internal network location. In the GPO-Templates there is no such setting to be found. How do I manage this best?

Thanks in advance

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