Unable to see all files in OneDrive for Business unless I use Search

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Not all files in OneDrive for Business are showing in the list using Office 365 Web portal (portal.office.com) for one User.


I have tried using different browsers (Chrome, IE, Edge) and by using Incognito/InPrivate Window as well.


If I Search for the file, I can find it, however, I am unable to attach the file in Email because the file does not show up when using Search in Attachments window.


I tried using Classic and Modern (default) view.


The User has an E1 license, is not syncing using OneDrive. Usage is online with the browser.


I did try using File Explorer to view the files and search, but that did not show all of them.

There are at least 6 files not showing since 11/25/2019.


What else can I check as an admin?




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@Vasil Michev  I did a few days ago, still waiting for them to contact me.


I also tried copying the files to a different folder, still don't see those files, but can search for them.

I can add new files into the folder and see them, but when I open an existing and Save As the file does not show up.

Originally I thought it was because they were .XLS format, so tried converting to .XLSX and had same issue.

Well there's at least one issue on the SHD related to opening content in OneDrive, so it might be affecting you as well. Call support directly if you haven't heard from them: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Contact-Office-365-for-business-support-32a17ca7-6fa0-4870-...

I see these incidents "Users may see latency or intermittent page load failures for SharePoint Online sites and accessing OneDrive files" started on 12/3 but this issue with this one user in ODfB has been going on for at least a month with no solution. I reached out to Microsoft again.