Unable to Rename/Move file - Full Control granted

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A colleague shared a file with me from his ODfB and gave me Full Control. The file is in the root of his library. I can't rename the file (access denied). Has anyone else seen something like this or have an explanation about why this would happen?

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A user without the Delete permission cannot rename files.

Can you please verify that you actually have the Delete permission?

I Have confirmed that I was assigned the Full Control permission level
Mmmm...if Full Control was provided, then the Delete permission should be present

Well, I have done some testing.

I was able to reproduce the issue: full control on a file is not enough to rename it (neither if the file is in ODFB root, nor if it is in a subfolder).

It looks like you need instead at least contribute permission on the file container in order to rename it.

I guess it should not be surprising, since when you rename (or delete) a file you are actually modifying the container and not the file itself...

My office is having the same issue currently. @Dean Gross I was granted 'full' control of a folder in OneDrive, and I am able to rename/delete files within the folder as long as they are not in a search-results format. The problem is, though, that when I search for a specific file in the large folder, I am unable to alter it from that results list.