Unable to Remove Deleted File from Shared With Me

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We ran into a scenario where Person-A shared a OneDrive for Business document with Person-B.  Person-A then deleted the document and emptied their recycle bin.  Person-B could still see the document listed under "Shared with me" via their own OneDrive, however they cannot remove that document from "Shared with me."  Selecting the document from within "Shared with me" and clicking on "Remove from shared list", results in an error stating "Sorry, we weren't able to remove this item from your view."


Has anyone else experienced this?  It seems that we could eventually end up with many orphaned links in users' "Shared with me" lists.  



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Wow, interesting scenario cc @Stephen Rice @Stephen Rose

That doesn't sound good at all. I'll forward to the Shared With Me owner. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Just saying that I'm experiencing the same issue with the same scenario

Is there a fix for this yet?

We have the same issue

We have the same issue! Waiting for reply from support...

We have a similar issue, "Shared with me" view is not updated after the sharing link was removed of the shared files.

We're having the same problem. It's so annoying and we're really hoping that MSFT solves this fast :\ 

Hi all,


I just wanted to drop back in and let you know that we're definitely aware of this issue (and the confusion that it causes) and are investigating. No timeframe to share just yet but stay tuned. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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may i know how it's going?  i am using MS GRaph API and meeting this issue.  i need this issue solved. please let me know the latest updates! thanks!

Hi there, 


Experiencing the same problem. ¿Could anyone, please, tell us the expected date of resolution?





We are experiencing the same issue here, has a fix ever been released ?

I would have no issue running a bit of powershell if needed, but this has to be fixed.


We are in the process of evaluating a migration from Google Suite to the full O365 stack. Needless to say this has already removed a fair amount of confidence in OneDrive towards Google Drive.


We are experiencing the same issue here. User's permissions that have been removed can still see the originally shared content. Is there any update with regards to this?

Just came across a possible fix for this issue - Disabling: Limited-access user permission lockdown mode


This is in 'Site Settings' - 'Site Collection Features' and allows the sharing of individual folders within a site. In my instance it is a Document Site. I tested with this option disabled and I was able to share then remove permissions for a folder.


Hope this helps.

@Andrew Stout 

2019 Update. I may have found a solution - I too could not remove "Shared with Me" files and could not find them in OneDrive....turns out they WERE NOT in OneDrive. They were in Office.com - I think this is because these files are so old, there was no OneDrive at the time or the person that shared the files was only using Office.com - just my guess. If you log into Office.com using the same credentials as OneDrive, there is also a "Shared with Me" tab - I found all my old files there....Just click on the file to open it up online, on the right there is a drop-down. Choose Delete...I did this with all files and now my problem is gone.


Hope this helps anyone who is reading this!!!



Hi @Smiddy2370 ,


Could you please share an account name (email) that is affected so we can investigate? We would love to avoid you having to do workarounds like these and want to understand the problem.




@Catherine Feldman 




I'm hoping somebody can help with an issue I am having please.


I too have files under "shared with me", but the problem I'm facing is that I can no longer open the files that were originally shared with me due to the historic emails being deleted. I've contacted MS support several times but nobody is able to assist. I've even contacted the original file senders, but they no longer have access to the files due to the accounts being closed.  @Smiddy2370 I followed your steps, and found the files on Office.com (as per attached), but I can't access them to remove myself, so I haven't had any luck. They're also showing on my Excel/Word applications but no option to remove from their either!


If anyone has any solutions that would be very helpful. Why doesn't Microsoft should give users the option to easily remove files from "shared with me"??! I have been trying for months with no luck!





Same problem here. Any solution yet?