Unable to delete files following a reduction in OneDrive space

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Hello everyone, I’m explaining my problem: I work as a teacher in a public school and our Ministry of National Education has partnered with Microsoft to provide a Microsoft school account for each teacher, an account that entitles you to an Office Pro license and a 2TB OneDrive space. I took advantage of this space to save my professional and personal files which took up almost half of this space, 1TB.

Last week and for an unknown reason, the OneDrive space was reduced to 100GB instead of 2TB so I found myself with a OneDrive space saturated at 1090% and so I no longer have the possibility to delete, add or modify files! When I try to delete a file the following message appears on the screen “this site has exceeded the maximum storage limit for files to free up space delete unnecessary files and empty the trash” the problem is that the trash is empty and I can no longer delete files because of this message that appears on the screen! And on my computer when I delete a file in the OneDrive folder it immediately re-downloads so I can neither delete files directly on the OneDrive site nor delete them from the OneDrive folder on my computer! I have dissociated OneDrive from my computer and I have completely uninstalled OneDrive and despite all this I cannot delete files on the OneDrive site and the trash is still empty! The IT manager in my school doesn’t understand anything and doesn’t know what to do. Can you help me please?

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@Maljane1 You have my sympathies re the IT manager. Unfortunately more common than is necessary. They should be either resetting the policy long enough for you to rectify the situation, or filing a support ticket with Microsoft.


First: never mix personal files and work files on an account you don't manage. This forum is full of accounts of people getting locked out of their files. At the very least keep your own proper backups but understand your personal files risk privacy invasions by the real account owners.


What error message do you get when trying to delete files from the web view?