Turn Off "Create Site"/Office 365 Group on OneDrive Page?

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We are able to turn off "Create Site" on the SharePoint page via the SharePoint Admin.


I have not found how to do this on the OneDrive for Business page.


Is it possible to turn of the little "plus" symbol that allows users to create new Office 365 Groups/Team Sites on OneDrive page without disabling Office 365 Groups?




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Our goal, however, is to allow for the creation of groups through Teams and Planner but not through the SharePoint page or any other mechanism.

The SharePoint side is nice as despite the Azure AD setting you can show or hide the "Create Site" link.

Was hoping there was a similar mechanism in the OneDrive space.

Yeah we need this turned off too. Our SharePoint admins are not happy this is going on since in our organization they "manage" that portion of Office 365.

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I have a doubt to clarify - Will hiding the feature of "Create Site" on prodution tenancy during business hours have any impact on the user experience or other features?

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Any news to this issue?

We also want to turn of the little "plus" symbol that allows users to create new Team & Communication Sites on the OneDrive page, because users are able to create new sites on their own, without the need of admin rights/permissions.

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Looking for any news/guidance on this thread. We too as an organization need the "+" button removed from OneDrive where anyone can create a Team or Communication site


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Has this been implemented yet? We too as an organisation want to disable users from creating team sites through onedrive.

Mine is another company that would like to prevent this backdoor into SharePoint site creations...

Is the issue with the "+" sign in the OneDrive right-hand pane that creates Office 365 Groups or with the creation of subsites off the users OneDrive site? 


The "+" sign surfaced here is just an entry point to creating an Office 365 Group - creating an Office 365 group from here, or Planner or the SharePoint home page is exactly the same.  It still creates the same set of assets and in terms of Group types it creates an "Connected Outlook Group".  Not sure I see the issue. 


If however your concern is the sub site creation off the users a OneDrive site - YES, 100% I have an issue with this too.  There is a piece of work to hide the link to the page as a first step, and down the line the functionality will be completely removed. 


Please share what scenario and issue you have - very curious. 

Hi @Clifford Kennedy, both are an Issue, but I would say our Immediate issue is your #1. *backstory*  when we first launched sharepoint sites/connected to office 365 groups we had over 100 groups created with no purpose in mind, users thought they were just making email addresses (we have a low tech user base)*


so with powershell we disabled site/group creating to just admins. Everything was going well until the new "+" button appeared in OneDrive and now we are back where we started. 40+ group/sites created just to create them. After I contact who craeeted said site, they all say it was an "accident". trying to maintain site sprawl and the wild wild west. That is my issue anyway


Government tenant here, so no Teams, but in OneDrive user can click on the + and an option to create a Team site or Communication site is made available to them.

This is wrong at so many levels.

Why have the Team option when my tenant can't do Teams?

Why allow OUR users, not Microsoft's, the ability to create Communication Sites or even Team Sites?



Thanks @Douglas Clelland for the additional insight. You are not alone on the low-tech workforce, and their take on what they thought they were doing - VERY common. In my my experience, the policy set in Azure AD for O365 group (and asset) creation is respected by ALL entry points, but I will change my test tenant shortly and confirm.  This is a real miss on Microsoft is it does not. 


We are working on a communication campaign to really lift the O365 Group understanding - it's not silver bullet, but something I feel we at least bring some attention and also hopefully curb the site/group sprawl. 


Thanks for sharing. 

Hi @Cary Siemers - the option is to create a SharePoint Online "Team Site" that is connected to an Office 365 Group, this is seperate to the Microsoft Teams service.  Totally understand that some customers may wish to have one entry point for creating this types of services - we actually like the multiple entry points (i.e. SharePoint home, OWA, Planner, Teams and now OneDrive).  But, I get that this may not work for some too. 

Hey @Douglas Clelland - I have tested in my test tenant, and the OneDrive web UI is respecting this policy.  That is, the "+" sign is not visible and as such users cannot create O365 Groups while the policy is in place.   


If you have the O365 Group admin policy in place, and you are still seeing the "+" option in the OneDrive web UI, you may need to log a ticket to Microsoft on this one, I cannot repro. 

Ok thanks Clifford, can you send me a private message with the script you used? Our sysad did the powershell and Im not wondering if it was wrong, i wuld like to check it

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We're experiencing a similar issue: groups have been disabled in the tenant but from the OneDrive page users are still able to create new groups.  The new groups are not fully functional (conversations don't work).  Is there an extra step to eliminating the create option from the OneDrive page so we don't end up with semi-functional groups?


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Sure no problem @Douglas Clelland.  I think you may need to follow me to permit direct messaging.  In the meantime, I actually followed these steps: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Manage-who-can-create-Office-365-Groups-4c46c8cb-17d0-44b5-... ....but would be happy to share my direct steps too.

Thank you @Clifford Kennedy, I followed you for sure. Great! I will look over the steps. Im trying to get verification if they created a security group for us "Global Admins" when they tried to turn off Unified site creation. I will let you know my findings. 


Not sure if this has already been mentioned by anyone, but one solution was provided here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_onedrivefb-mso_other/turn-off-create-sit...