Troubleshooting ODfB PreProvisioning

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Yesterday I created 14 text files containing the UPNs and ran the script from Then I used the instructions at to get a list of site and I'm not seeing any of the new sites.


The scripts ran without any problems. Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can troubleshoot?

How can I check the status of the provisioning que?

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Dean, did you find a resolution to this?

yes, i had some errors in my input file, it had some Tab characters after the UPNs (before the next line characters) . I had sabatoged myself by being careless when I copy/pasted my list of accounts into Notepad ++. After I cleaned it up, the problems were resolved.

Thanks for the reply, as you can surmise I can't get the sites to provision.  The only thing I've not tried is using the tenant name rather than the vanity domain, although I don't think that would matter?

Not quite sure what you mean, but the spoadminurl param needs to be your, ( would not work)

Sorry, I was referring to the user names that are entered into the TXT file.  The example on technet shows the users names with  I've been using the users email address with the vanity domain i.e.

you may want to take a look at the SharePoint UserProfile Setup My Site Setting and confirm the site naming format syntax