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I am new to managing a microsoft 365 account. My husband has always managed the technology aspects in our lives. I recently lost him in an accident. It appears that he was using a couple computers and laptops to also be able to work from home and at his place of business. I have managed to pay to keep our Microsoft 365 Family plan so I do not loose any of our important files. I have tried locating a number for a LIVE person to assist but there does not appear to be a human interaction involved in Microsoft. Funny how I live less than 2 hours from their HQ but I cannot speak to a human...anyway...

My questions are:

1) He and I were the only ones to utilize the OneDrive accounts. But after doing some reading, I am curious if I am required to be using a business account. Am I correct?

2) The account went into pass due payment so I was trying to find how to choose the option to renew but I could only renew under the Family Plan 365. I paid the bill in fear of loosing all our documents.

2) Can I convert our plan from a family plan to a business plan without losing any files if I am required too? How? And will I loose all his settings? I would really prefer to keep what he already has set up so it is one less thing for me to struggle through right now.

3) Prior to paying the invoice, I also updated the Family Plan to reflect my name, added my email (his is still primary) and updated the password. He had me set up in there as an organizer (Honestly I do not know what that grants me).

4) When I reset the password, it has locked me out of some of the computers we were using. How do I fix this?

5) I am also trying to continue with his business that I had almost zero involvement in. With that said, I will want to be able to make some files are now inaccessible to others as I have people helping me transition the business under my name. 

I know this is a lot of questions and I am sorry.  If you have any guidance that you think can help, I would really appreciate it. I cant tell you the number of hours I have into trying to figure this all out.




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I’m sorry for your loss and I understand these issues are probably not what you want to think about right now.

I might not have all the answers but let me try to help.

First of all, Microsoft 365 Family and Microsoft 365 Business are separate and you can’t easily ”convert” them. Family is connected to your ”Microsoft Account” sometimes referred to as a ”Personal Account” and Business is a ”Work Account”.

I guess it’s pretty common to keep them separate, personal and business. That is what I do at least :)

As for the business account I assume he has Email address removed that is also an admin that you now have control over? Otherwise there might be an Email address removed that you can use.

I guess the reason for not being able to login to thw computers is because you used the Microsoft/Personal Account to login to them? The new password should work though, are they connected to the Internet so ”they know” the new password?