The synchronization issue depends on the delete permission?

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please, you have not encountered someone with such a problem => we have created a SharePoint document library, folders for users are created in this library. Each user sees only his folder and does not have the right to delete files in it (so he can only add and edit).
And when users start syncing this folder, OneDrive starts throwing an error there that needs permission to edit. Editing permissions, users have (can't just delete the file).
When I switch to SharePoint and take the same action, it throws me a message again that content approval is enabled. Of course, content approval is not allowed.
I have read several documentation that explicitly states that it is necessary to have permissions to edit items / files - which users have.
Have you ever encountered someone with such a problem and would you be able to advise me (or the only way is for users to add permission to delete items / files).
For any advice, thank you.

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Hi Dale365, I'm sorry, I may not understand the idea of the answer to the problem.