The best way to share file between users

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Hi All,


What is the best way to set OneDrive up to allow multiple users to see the one folder. (similar to the old way of multiple users accessing the one Folder share in a network)

I have tried creating the OneDrive folder under User A, and then sharing that to User B.

User B has tried to log into OneDrive as User A, but that causes problems, when she is running Office 2016 Click to Run, as User B.


Both users comment that they do not see the same information, and the sync is not working properly.

Should we move items to Groups, or am I missing something simple

Thanks in Advance

Steve Reid

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You've answered your own question - the best way to achieve this is to use Office 365 Groups as multiple people can synchronise that library locally.

thanks for your quick reply.

Are you then able to sync those files to the desktop using the onedrive app?

Absolutely! Here's a screenshot of mine, all of which are in Groups:



(the X on my OneDrive for Business is due to an invalid character that I'm yet to fix)

I believe the sync option of shared folders is on the Sync client preview that is not fully released yet, so this might be your problem
I don't have a problem? If you're referring to the "x" in my screenshot on the OneDrive icon that's because I have an invalid character in one of my file paths.
Other than that I am syncing files from "shared" folders from various Groups without issue (by "shared" I mean they are in a shared location).