Teams/O365 Groups - Owner permissions not appearing in SharePoint Owner Group in advanced permission

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Hi all,


When we create a new SharePoint site via Teams or O365 groups nothing appears in the Site Owners permission group when looking under advanced, but the member's group appears in the Site members permission group.


I know the owners group appears under site collection administrators but it is confusing that the group is not appearing under the advanced settings when the members is.


See screenshot for clarification. 


Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Owners are site collection admins. The owners group on SharePoint is a default SharePoint group that you can add people to and they will have owner permissions on that site itself. It’s kind of confusing but that’s how it works.
Yeah, that’s why you aren’t really a member of the group if you create a group outside of teams and are only added as owner! You won’t get added to teams for example

@Chris Webb 


Ok thanks, that's good to confirm.


Though it is misleading when you see the owners group under Site owners on the Site permissions right-hand side menu, but not in the advanced options.


Though I have seen other inaccuracies in this side menu before.


This is per behaviour. Owners of the sites will be added on Owners group(O365) and not to SharePoint owner group. However it’s added to site collection administrator.