Team Folder Sync Status

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I have a server syncing about 100gb of data to 5 different Team General channel folders...


This is taking a very long time and I cannot see how to determine how far it is. It typically says either processing changes or looking for changes. Occasionally it tells me a certain amount of megabytes are being uploaded...


But, unlike personal folders, the team folders do not seem to have the file icons that show status, either the green check or the blue circling arrows. 


How do I determine how far it has gotten inthe sync process?

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This may not be a best practice copying huge files with the intention to view the progress via Teams application. Don't seems to have a built-in progress bar within the Teams application.


Each channel is actually a Sharepoint site and files that you copied are stored in a document library within the site. That means you can copy the files to the library directly and continue to make use of the SharePoint file copy feature.



NGSC is a personal tool: in fact it runs inside an user profile and only while the user is logged in, and not as a service on a server.

To upload sever shares to team sites' document libraries you should use a third party tool, instead.