Syncing stops when it reaches a file issue

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Is this correct in that when the sync is going through it stops when it hits any file with a format issue, things like a space at the front of the filename for example.


We are trying to sync a lot of files and it seems to be a very odd process if it does just stop and wait for you to fix the issue, then I am having to restart the Onedrive client to start the process again.

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No we are using OneDrive version 17.3.6799.327


What is happening is that it starts to look for changes and says OneDrive is updating files...

Then it reports problems with some files e.g. ones that have a space at the start of the filename and says OneDrive needs attention and appears to stop syncing.


So far in the space of a couple of weeks it has uploaded 2 files only and has created the folders that the files belong in.


Also we have a 200MB fibre circuit so it is not bandwith related from our side.


It is very annoying that it does not tell us the true status of uploads, it would be good if it at least said updating 1 of 15,000 files for example so that we know what is going on.


Currently I have no idea how long it will take to upload all the files for the first time.

You have not the latest build, so it appears that you are not using Windows 10 Creators Update. Correct? Anyway, you should be able to see the sync status, clicking (once) on the little blue icon in the tray.

It looks like something is going wrong: maybe it's time to open a ticket...

This is on a Windows 2012 Server so no not using the Windows 10 Creators update ;)


If we click on the OneDrive icon it just shows a circle spinning around with OneDrive is updating files...

Looking for changes

It is not an RDS session, correct? Windows 2012 RDS client sessions are not supported.

No it is directly on the server