Syncing OneDrive Photos to a Windows folder

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Hi there, 


I just recently started backung up the photos of my phone using my one drive. Everythign works fine, the pictures show up in the web just as you would expect. However, when I want to access these pictures from my windows machine I also have to go to the web interface. 
Is there any way I can have a local folder on my pc where these pictures are automatically downloaded to? 


Many thanks in adnvance!

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If you have OneDrive installed on your PC, then the default is for all files to be synced to corresponding folders inside the ObeDrive folder.

Note, make sure you understand how cloud-synced files work. The photos are not just downloaded - they are synced to the cloud repository. If you delete the photos there, they are deleted everywhere.

@Mike Williams yeah I get that. the thing is if I turn Camera backup on my phone on then I don't get a coresponding folder on my pc. And thats excactly what I'm trying to achieve.

The experience is going to differ with your version of Windows. On the latest Win11 releases there is a folder Gallery at the top of File Explorer which has the camera roll.

Otherwise look in the OneDrive>Pictures >Camera Imports. It appears that looks empty if you have the Gallery option....

It may be necessary to right-click OneDrive in File Explorer and from Settings > Choose Folders. Then see if the camera imports subfolder is checked for local sync as on-demand files.


Finally, there's also a Photos desktop appyou may have where you can see all your cloud images (OneDrive, iCloud).

Obviously Microsoft is not doing anyone any favours with the sheer variety of folder names and experiences for the same item....

oh wow, I feel stupid now. Found it, thanks!