Syncing my files with shared libraries

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Is there a way to sync shared libraries files with my files?

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Currently no. But they just announced today or yesterday that you’ll be able to add folders shared with you or other sites etc. to your files which will sync.

You can still sync SharePoint locations and other folder locations shared directly with from this libraries and they will appear under the company sites section they just won’t be mixed in with your files.

@Chris Webb thanks so much for the information. 


What I am trying to acheive is the team are able to access shared libraries through adobe. 

I believe that to do this I have to connect via sharepoint account on adobe, however currently when I do this the files are empty.

How do I get onedrive shared librares to sync and update into sharepoint? 


You don’t. You use onedrive to sync files stored in onedrive or files stored in SharePoint libraries. If onedrive client is installed you go to a SharePoint library with your files and click sync. Then you can access them via any app such as adobe. Although adobe may have save features for direct access to SharePoint depending on the version. Anyway syncing is easiest. Once you sync the SharePoint library the files show up under the company name folder in explorer.

So basically the files need to be in SharePoint. Or if they are in onedrive you have to share the folder. The files can’t be in the root. Then when users click Into that folder via the link provided they will get a sync button to do the same as above which will add to the company section for Onedrive.