syncing a shared external folder

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I'm trying to share one of my onedrive folders with an external user. he also has a microsoft 365 business user. he gets the invitation and can see/edit the folder in the browser but he can't sync it to his onedrive to save it locally. I have checked the settings in sharepoint and share with externals is set to "everyone" and the synchronization button is also active under settings. I have no idea what's missing. Does anyone have a hint?

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It should be possible to sync the files, but this functionality is subject to some requirements/caveats. Read here for more details:
Thanks for the link. I followed this guide and according to me I have fulfilled all the requirements. I have also registered the user as a guest user. but if I now want to open the link with the share from the mail, I only get an error: "Unfortunately, you are currently logged in as ""..."