Sync Script for Share-point Site

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I am the administrator for my company's office 365 suit.


We want to use teams created share-point sites for individual projects. Is there a way that a admin can view all sites? Even when they are not invited.


I would then like to have a script that can be run that will copy the teams created site to a primary share-point site. Is this possible?


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You can administre sites from the sharepoint admin center! The new admin experience show team sites as well!

How do you mean! You can’t move them anywhere! They are separate site collections tied to each team, so no


@adam deltinger 

HI Adam,


Thanks for the reply.


I've been able to see all the Sites though the admin centre but i cant view any of the files. Is this not possible?


Im not wanting to move them im just wanted to create a copy and paste it in a different site.