Sync Onedrive to External HDD

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I need to be able to sync any files on the OneDrive to an external HDD.

Is there any way to do it without extra hassle?


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There are posts in this forum where problems with this are discussed. Some sync tools will touch the OneDrive files and force extra sync operations between local and (canonical) cloud versions.

If you are not keeping local versions of all files in your local OneDrive folder, then copy sync operations may pull down the entire file(a) every time you sync. You will need to be VERY careful with timestamps and the possibility of overwriting versioned files. Sync tools typically only take the latest copy of a file, unless you are also taking snapshots of file changes.

(These are not specific OneDrive issues, you'll find them with other popular cloud sync services.)

I might wasn't clear.
I need to backup all files I have to OneDrive and currently syncing with my PC with its SSD drive.
Those files are important and I need to have an extra copy just in case anything happens.

What I had in mind is to plug in the HDD, perform a sync (meaning that I will keep local / fully downloaded copies of course), deplug the HDD and store it at a safe place.

OneDrive should continue working with the SSD after that.
Every month, I would plug in the HDD again and perform the same syncing backup action again.

I couldn't find anybody else who had the same question. If that slipped my attention, please let me know.

That's what I thought you meant. My comments stand