Sync client doesn't respect Sharepoint group permissions

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I'm trying to test the expected behaviour when a user is removed from a Sharepoint Group.

Does anyone know if the locally downloaded files will be removed when the user is removed from the Sharepoint group?


User A is a member of Sharepoint Group A

User B shares a folder with Sharepoint Group A

User A downloads the file using the OneDrive local client

User C removed User A from the Sharepoint Group A


It looks to me that the OneDrive local client does not remove the files from the local machine of User A. Even though they should no longer have access.

Is that correct?

Thanks lot!

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No, they will not be removed. OneDrive is not really designed to protect file access, if you are looking for such solution try enabling IRM on the document library, with a strict expiration setting (the "Users must verify their credentials using this interval" option).