Storage metrics vs real sync disk space needed

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I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to know the "real disk space" used by a sync before it get sync.


We know that with windows 1803 user have the new feature "file on-demand" but we want to monitor and prevent a user to synchronize all OD4B content and full out the hard drive.


In this example the first file is only 100mb but take 1.1 gig of space due the version history. When sync the file take 100mo and not 1.1gig on the local computer.


So user may have 350gig of content on the OneDrive storage but this only take 35gig when syncing locally.


Any way to determine the difference between "used quota" vs "real space on machine when synched"?



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The only way to get the data stored in both ODFB and SPO is by means of the Storage Metrics Page or PowerShell...if the user has 350 GB of content and no files on demand is being used, it's going to take those 350 GB in the local PC

The sync files only come from OneDrive. If you have 1 file of 100mb in your OneDrive but have 10 version of this file your OneDrive will take 1 gig of Quota but when synced only 100mb. Look like their is no way from the UI to know that so will have to go with PowerShell like you suggest.