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I am somewhat new to O365 tech. I changed folder redirect GPO to redirect user Documents folder to their OneDrive. I found a good article on how to do that with item level targeting. It worked fine, except folders from the users' OneDrive folder started to sync to the Document library in the department Team site on SharePoint online in addition to their OneDrive. How do I stop that? Searched all over cannot even find a reason why it is doing that. Any help is appreciated.

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My intuition is that you have redirected SharePoint folders rather than OneDrive folders, or have somehow confused SharePoint folder links in OneDrive with native folders. '
Open a ticket with Microsoft.

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Thanks for the reply.


No, not redirecting SharePoint folders. Redirecting Documents folder to the user's company onedrive -- %userprofile%\onedrive - companyname. And 4 of the 5 in the department I created the GPO setting for do not have this happening. All the folders initially sync'd to SharePoint and also remain in their OneDrive. The Documents link on Start menu does correctly point to their OneDrive as the location and all their files and folders are in there. And after I deleted their folders from SharePoint, only the My Music, My Video and an Adobe folders (the one for user specific stuff contained in their Documents folder) keep copying back to the Team site everytime they logon on to their laptop.


If no one knows what could cause this, then yes I will open a support ticket. But of course I post to a tech forum first to see if there is a straight forward reason someone might be aware of.

It's a bit hard to tell as we can't see what you've done or what scripts you have used. Text descriptions often wildly inaccurate or missing important details on these forums (from long experience).
No scripts involved. Using GPO Policies and Preferences. Setup an environment variable for OneDrive in Preferences and then use Policies Folder Redirect to point Documents to the OneDrive for each user. Using this method As stated, it is only happening with 1 out of 5 users. Everyone else is working as expected. That would seem to rule out a problem with the GPO. Somewhere on that client it is being told to sync their OneDrive Documents to the SharePoint Team site for that department. It is also properly syncing to their OneDrive. It is going to both. But just that 1 user, no one else.

Not sure what you feel you need to see, I have explained what is being done very specifically, nothing ambiguous about it. Nothing inaccurate in it.
Hi Dadbart,

As stated in your last message, 4 users are working as configured except one.

Check the following on a working and non-working PC.
1. the version of OneDrvie running on both devices (I will advise you use the same version as the working one)
2. The windows version of both systems.

This will help you narrow down what the issue might be.
Thanks for your questions. Windows, updates and OneDrive versions are identical on all 5 workstations. As noted, the one that is an issue, does work as far as the folder redirect and OneDrive functions. It is just that it keeps also syncing the user's Document sub-folders and files to the SharePoint online Team site.
Okay, thanks for the feedback.

I will advise you to perform a manual clean-up and run the OneDrive reset command on the affected PC and perform a fresh sync from the cloud environment down to the PC.

If this doesn't work then you will need to open a support request with MS support team and provide them with the OneDrive logs on the affected device.

%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset
Thanks for the reset info. Did not even know about that. I will give it a try and see what happens