Stolen laptop can't access one drive

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I recently had my.laptop stolen. Fortunately my files have mostly been backed up on OneDrive which was set up when I first purchase the laptop. However I can't recall what an username or email I uaed and the password. Any ideas how I can get reminded of the user password at least. The password I can work out or reset it. I'm not 100% as ure was onedrive but as was windows 7 I assume one drive. I always rember between desktop and the c: drive and any other drives such as those when attach phone or other devices. I remember the external.memory being in between on the file explorer. Can anyone help me? Was thinking if I supply my regular used IP address or can find the device or laptop name can Microsoft help me at all..I had around 8 years of photos on there.


Please please help advance.


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If you paid for OneDrive then you should be able to find the email information from your financial records and use that to reset your password. You may need to contact Microsoft