SS2: improvements in onedrive web

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Suggestion (SS): 2 Classification: WEB

PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 6-7 in a scala 1 (low) - 10 (high)


You can vote this post here (don't know if onedrive devs are on this forum or not), so i submit the post to the other website too, where we need 500 votes.


i copy chat with gsuite, because the same problem are available with onedrive:

  • Marco Borner: 2) if I select in the path /a/b/c/d/e and then I tell you to search, you should search inside the path /e and not again in the whole drive. is so annoying that I always need to right click to tell gdrive search inside current path
  • Marco Borner: 3) there is no way to automatically tell gdrive, for every subfolder inside folder a, always search only videos. avoid to search photo, documents etc.
  • Marco Borner: 4) there is no way to save such search. I wish I can have a panel, where I can organize all my search, so I can access such search much more faster
  • Marco Borner: 6) no way to play videos randomly
  • Marco Borner: i have under / at least 50 folder,  I wish I could just pin some folders. in such way I don't need always to scroll 100km or reorder it to z-a order to find for example the folder rclone. without need to use favourite

Marco Borner: ah last point: I wish I could just write <v aaa and you search aaa as video without need to type your full search command so you create a panel where I can convert some search command to a new command < something. in such way I could search inside path hh/hhh/kjdhd/ciao by writing <v <ciao xxx


New suggestions:

  1. faster way to copy files, with just 1 click near the file, and not 1000x
  2. ability to create custom share links
  3. ability to delete such link sharing after x days
  4. ability to backup onedrive to onedrive (example privato to business in rclone style)
  5. ability to pin some files over the whole list of folders in github style
  6. ability to add personalized icon to folders
  7. ability to copy the path of a folder like /aa/bb/ccc
  8. ability to add labels to files
  9. ability to add flag/favourite and to change background color for such files
  10. show us description inside the list too
  11. temporary drop zone to move files faster without need to use move to...
  12. edgesuggestions_0-1603928192198.png

    add an alternative for no photo/video

  13. if i select 3 files i should be able to choose merge in folder
  14. ....

next time about onedrive app for mac...


Thank you for showing me size of each folder. only few cloud are able!

All my other suggestions are here:

Edge suggestions are here:


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