SOLVED: How to audit access from anonymous links?

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is it possible to view which IP addresses have accessed a file through an anonymous link distributed through OneDrive for Business? I can't find anything in the Security and Compliance Center / Audit log Search. Googled the hell out of it and found nothing, only information related to the creation on sharing links.


Any tips would be appreciated.



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Microsoft Cloud App Security/Office 365 Cloud App Security can probably do this, at a cost, other members may know if there is an easier way of doing this.


There are various queries builtin that can highlight these events:


File and folder activities - filters all your activities to display only those activities that involved files and folders. The filter includes upload, download, and accessing folders, along with creating, deleting, uploading, downloading, quarantining, and accessing files, and transferring content.


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Take also a look at the Audit Log Search feature in the Compliance Center

Both solutions were correct. I just didn't know what I was looking for in the compliance center.


In Security and Compliance Center



And in the Cloud App Security Portal



Thanks for your help guys.