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So to me it seems a problem that using OneDrive in the business enviroment causes so many tray icons.  I feel like the UI could be designed a little different where you can mange multiple accounts and link from the single running instance.  For example, I have the following tray icons.


1) OneDrive personal, even though it is not configured.  Seems to run anywhay and I have not been able to get it to stop.  Without stoping my OneDrive for business from starting as well.


2) OneDrive for business. Becasue I have a custom personal email domain.  So I have a OneDrive for business account for it so I can use my personal domain.


3)OneDrive for business work.  An additional one drive for business work account.


4)OneDrive for Business nonprofit.  I also work with a non profit that uses onedrive for business.


5)Sharepoint synce with group folders.  I have about 5.


This adds up to 9 little notification icons for onedrive.  Its a relative pain.  not to mention dropbox and  At least I have only 1 of each of those give me access to folder from multiple organizations.

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Which version of Windows are you using? Latest releases of OneDrive for Business Syn Client should help on cleaning these icons

Are you still using the old sync client (Groove), perhaps?

Hey that was it. I was using the most recent version. I have windows 10. I don't remember installing grove (or the older client). I had to go into the sharepoint admin setting and tell it to use the new client when clicking sync. That cleared up all those. So it's much better now. It would be great to clear up some of these other ones. I am thinking if I share everything with a single account (I believe with sharepoint you can share outside the org) that may help fix things further. Just not sure if you can share the root of your onedrive.