So, I cant use or see my documents and pictures

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So, about 2 days ago I switched to Windows 11.

I was using it with no excuses, but today (1.26.2022) I reseted my PC, re-installed windows and deleted OneDrive.


( I deleted OneDrive because, one day my PC started going crazy. What I mean by that is One Drive destroyed my PC. Destroyed my desktop, removed my files etc. but thats not the point)


So I deleted OneDrive and now I cant see / use my files and an error message pops up.

(See the picture above)


My specs (I dont know if that matters)

GPU: RTX 2060

CPU: Intel I7 10875h

Monitor: 144hz


Thanks, Miksa

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If you delete a program rather than uninstalling then the after effects are unpredictable. Reinstall OneDrive. Ensure your files are all available offline.