Slow synchronization of SharePoint libraries to OneDrive

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In our company, we use different SharePoint sites with document libraries. We are used to synchronizing these different libraries on users' machines. Synchronized libraries depend on the user but generally do not exceed 100,000 files.


The example below is dated 08/31/2022. In machine configuration, it's a Z6 workstation, with a bi-Xeon, 128 GB of RAM and 2 TB of SSD storage. In internet connection, we have a 300 mega fiber link. So on this machine I had to sync a few SharePoint libraries, the total files are around 50,000, with files overall at 150KB (pdfs). Synchronization takes considerable time, the machine synchronizes a file every 30 seconds. The machine has now been running 24/24 for 3 days in order to synchronize the libraries, it is 02/09/2022 and it still has not finished synchronizing the libraries. It is not the only machine and the problem is recurrent.


In terms of operations to solve the problem, I tried to reset the OneDrive, to reinstall the OneDrive, to stop the synchronization and to resume it, to empty the cache files of OneDrive... None of these operations solved the problem.


Do you have a solution to this slow problem on OneDrive?


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I have certainly seen this slowness in some environments. I suspect that there are other local processes interfering such as anti-virus/malware checkers or local network activity. For example I once used to take my work computer home as it synchronised SPOD files waaay faster.

You may need to use Fiddler or a similar tool to analyse the traffic. Microsoft support agents have done that.

Hi @Mike Williams

I installed Fiddler on the computer, after analyzing the traffic, I don't see any other traffic affecting OneDrive. There is no traffic generated by the antivirus, but there is some generated by adobe which I closed afterwards. Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem.