Signed in to OneDrive but it "failed to fetch"

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I've been having issues with my OneDrive since yesterday. When I try to connect to my OneDrive online, I can connect, but it "failed to fetch". 



It doesn't sync on my phone and on my PC, in the OneDrive App, it says that it's not connected and its constantly "signing-in".




The OneDrive service shows as "online" on Microsoft's web page. I tried the steps described in the "Can't sign in to OneDrive" Microsoft page.


Any help would be appreciated!

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I have this same problem here

@Davidmva7 Any luck? Yesterday I synced all the files I had on my local OneDrive folder to my Google Drive just so I have a backup in case OneDrive completely fails.

No, I tried to look for this situation in Microsoft support but nothing worked.

@Davidmva7 I tried to find a way to contact Microsoft about it but every link returns to the help page or the community. I hope someone from Microsoft actually sees this post.

I have the exact same problem here, any suggestion?
No. I'm still hoping someone from Microsoft sees this post and suggest something
File a report with Microsoft
So this morning my OneDrive suddenly shown as "resetting" and all of the sudden, everything works again. Maybe they saw this issue? Or maybe it was a server that was stuck somehow? Anyway it works now!
I have the same problem, but only in one specific network. If I connect to hotspot of my cell phone, the connection starts working.

Any help would be appreciated!

@Danielle_Paquetteautho  I am also receiving a failed to fetch message inconsistently as I download short videos from onedrive. I've got a good wifi and internet is working.  I've rebooted, but the issue persists.