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The OneDrive for Business sync client GPO Team Site AutoMount feature still not available. Any ETA on GA?



Chandrasekaran C N

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Still on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap as in development

Featured ID: 27031
Added to Roadmap: 5/21/2018
Last Modified: 1/10/2019
Tags: OneDrive for Business, All environments

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Thanks Christopher for your response.

How about now?


It says it was due to be released on February but it is now march..


If the release target date could not have been met then it should be updated to reflect the new one.

The date has been updated. For what it’s worth, this is a moving target. I first started following this in October 2018 and it was due to be released that month, but it keeps getting pushed back one month at a time.

If you are running an Insider build of Windows, Office 365 ProPlus, or OneDrive, then you should have this feature now. We are able to test it in our IT organization now, but we are hoping that Microsoft continues to improve the management of it. Adding a library GUID to a GPO isn’t simple or intuitive like adding a team folder in Dropbox Business.
Hi I wrote a blog post about this feature and was able to successfully deploy it with Intune and PowerShell:
I still do not even see the library ID to even try it.

@Chandrasekaran Nageswaran 


I have been waiting for this to be rolled out since October 2018, they keep pushing the ETA back a month each an every month since.


This was added to the roadmap in May 2018, so its almost a year !!


This is holding up our adoption of Teams as well... 


MS really dropping the ball on this critical feature..

@Chandrasekaran Nageswaran 


Well it still says April, but we are in May right now.

Maybe they are waiting on the release of the new Windows 1903?

As the requirement will be the OneDrive version that come with it.

So i hope there will be some new info soon.



@SpawnIan@Chandrasekaran Nageswaran 


I can see that they just updated the release date (Edited May 17)


The new release data has been pushed to June

@Patrick Grud Kristensen 


Now has "Rolling Out"... this is great news, not had time to test, but I suspect its going to be another 3 months before it hits the business ring 

@SpawnIan I'm on the latest available Insiders build 19.103.0527.0002 and can't seem to get it to work. Nothing in the release notes about it. I'm not sure if I have my GPO set up incorrectly, or if it's not really out yet. 

There is information on how to configure the GPO here:



That's some great news, thanks for sharing.

I will keep an eye on future updates.

@Chandrasekaran Nageswaran My question is around the item in the roadmap. 

It refers to the feature as an "Admin Tool". Is it an actual physical feature in one of the M365 Admin centers? Or is this just the feature that will be available via Intune/GPO?

Are there any news on getting this working on EDU, GOV or non-profit tenants?

@ColachoMendoza  Started working for me last week, and we on the Education/Non-profit E1/E3 subscription.


Onedrive client : 19.123.0624.0002

Windows Ver: 1809 build 17763.557


GPO - User configuration > Polices > Administrative Templates > Onedrive


Use OneDrive Files On-Demand - ENABLED

Convert synced team site files to online-only files - ENABLED


Configure team site libraries to sync automatically - ENABLED

Value Name = TEST

Value  tenantId=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXsiteId=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXlistId=%7B73773631%2DD6E1%2D4032%2D8900%2D001541FBC4E1%7D&webUrl=https%3A%2F%2XXXXXXXX%2XXXXXXX%2XXX%2FXXXXes%2FA%2DTeam&version=1


XXXXX the obvious info.


It takes 8 hours for it to appear in your File explorer, if you stop syncing via the desktop client it will take a restart and another 8 hours for it to reappear.. however it will add a (1) at the end as it does not sync back to the original folder.


That's great news! I don't have that 19.123 version option yet but I do see the Insider Preview Updates before release! hoping I can see those option in my GPOS because those were not there yet.



Thanks for the update. I can also see this feature is working with the insiders build. However, as per documentation, the "Stop Sync" option should be disabled for this automatic sync, but in my case i can able to stop sync this library eventhough it is pushed thru GPO.


How is yours? Is it disabled or you can use stop sync option?




Does anyone have this successfully running yet? We've been waiting for this since last year, and now that it is GA, we find we still can't get it to work. My test setup is as follows:


  1. Windows 10 Education x64 (1903)
  2. OneDrive Insider Preview client v19.123.0624.0002
  3. Files on Demand is enabled, and the client is configured and working
  4. SPO Document Library value copied via SPO Administrator and the "Copy Library ID" link
  5. Latest ADMX/ADML in place (from v19.123.0624.0002)
  6. GPO (User Configuration) in place for my account
  7. Confirmed GPO applied, restarted a few times, OneDrive client seems happy, still no File Explorer option for my site... and it's been three days now, which periods exceeding 8 hours between my tests.

I just can't get this to initialise, and we desperately need it for our SPO migration project. Additionally, there appears to be very little information about this, and I can't find any references to logs, scheduled tasks, registry keys, or other ways to see what is going on in the background.


Any ideas?