SharePoint migration and shared access files duplicated with computer name

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I am going through a phased domain, M365 tenant and document library migration from one SharePoint tenant to another, and have experienced some strange behaviour with OneDrive Sync.


These are the steps taken so far:

  • PCs migrated from old domain to new domain.
  • Users now signing in with M365 accounts for the new tenant.
  • New M365 tenant's accounts added as external users on the old tenant and access added to old SharePoint document libraries.
  • Additional OneDrive account added to sync on user's PCs using the new M365 account.


We are now at the stage where we are about to migrate over the data from the old SharePoint site to the new and have found that some Excel spreadsheets (large worksheets that are collaborated on by a large number or users) are being duplicated with the filename being appended with the computer name of the user that makes the change. Further more, this duplicate only has the changes that that specific user has made.

Has anyone come across this before? I'm hoping that once the data is migrated to the new SharePoint tenant and remnants of the old OneDrive sync are removed from the user's devices this will resolve - but would like to understand why this is happening.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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