SharePoint has no Upload, New or Sync button

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I am trying to get my colleague's SharePoint to sync with her computer however when she goes on SharePoint into her shared document libraries she doesn't have the New, Upload and Sync buttons like I do. The buttons will appear if she selects a specific folder to sync however we have a lot of folders so it would not be convenient to do each one individually. Is there a certain setting she has to turn on to get these options? I'll provide a screenshot of what I see on her account.

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2 questions:
1. Is this SharePoint Online?
2. If yes, is it classic mode? Screenshot is kind of cut off but looks like classic?

Yes this is SharePoint online. I believe it is classic mode.

Try Another browser? Seen it act up due to that before.

Just asked her to try. It does not work on other browsers.

It's got to be client related or permission related. Hover over the onedrive cloud in systray and make sure it doesn't say OneDrive for Business. If so then it needs upgraded. Or if we could get some screenshots of the UI of the folder selction screen that could show us as well, but here is the link to get the latest client

Can you give me an example of what you meant by the UI of the folder selection screen?

Is this the screenshot you were asking for?

This screen, Just trying to verify or find out what version of the sync client is trying to sync the SharePoint library. 



This is the version she is suppose to see, correct? It doesn't say OneDrive for Business

Hi there - we have this issue with one user now too. It occurs for her on multiple machines, and on some sites and not others (mainly in O365 Group SPOL sites (modern). Not sure how it could be OneDrive related it if occurs on many machines, did anyone ever come up with a resolution for this? Would be keen to know the details if so! Cheers

@Joe McGiven Corban 

Upload and Delete options are missing sometimes in Modern experience in SP online library. And also it appears automatically.

Have checked permissions and found that permissions are sufficient (Contribute)

What could be the reason?