Shareing OneDrive Folder location with colleagues

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Hi There,


I’m Looking for some guidance on best practice for sharing a OneDrive folder location with colleagues.


I would like them to be able to add the shared folder (and therefore be able to access the sub-folders and files contained there within) to their own OneDrive app on their desktop so they have an as close to ‘as if on their C-drive’ experience as possible.


However I would also like to retain control of the folder (and sub-folders / files within) so my colleagues do not have the ability to change these files.


To add detail to this, there are some sub-folders and files that I will need to allow my colleagues to make copies of to their individual project work folders.


However there are other folders / files where I would like them to be able to read the files but not have read/wright access.


Can this be achieved with OneDrive (for Business)?!


Many thanks.

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@O_Til1200 Specifying distinctions between read and write folders in OneDrive is not straightforward .


If you have SharePoint available to you, then that is a better solution as it allows for specification of groups and folder permissions. OneDrive is a limited subset of SharePoint which is more for your own files and ad-hoc sharing of those files.


More generally, trying to mimic a file-server or 'as if on their C-drive' is not a good approach. Syncing cloud-files is NOT the same as sharing files on servers. Pretending otherwise is just delaying inevitable problems.

@Mike Williams

OK. Thanks for the info.


So might SharePoint be the way to go?


"If you have SharePoint available to you".

How would I know if I do?

If you have Microsoft 365 / OneDrive for business, do you also have access to SharePoint?


As you can probably tell, this is not my area of expertise.

Might need a call to our IT support to help set such a thing up - if their remit indeed covers this sort of thing!


I use OneDrive as I work solely from home and find working on the server over our VPN just too slow.

All my colleagues work in the office off the server (I upload to the server as needed).


I'm trying to share CAD data and there needs to be good read / write speeds.


The stuff I'm trying to share I'd ideally like to keep working with on my OneDrive (or equivalent of) to maintain ownership of and work on it and save locally so I don't have any latency over the VPN issue. But then also now now share this with my colleagues.


I guess I could put it all on the server and see if I can manage with the speeds working over the VPN. 


There is a file management system that we could use with our CAD software so that may be part of the solution.


But just seeing what the options are from a OneDrive / SharePoint point of view for starters.


Thanks again for any nuggets or pointers.


I don't know what licence type you have so can't answer your question.
The speeds are going to be dependent on your network and Microsoft tenant.