Shared File with Edit not allowing user to rename, move, or delete

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We have a OneDrive (user) account created to share files with many external users.

We share at the folder (subfolder(s)) level via email or copied link.


After clicking the link the user has access to folders and files, however they can only do 2 things. Edit the file or add files.


We want users to be able to rename, move and delete files within these folders. 

In the SharePoint world users with edit permissions can do these things, but it doesn't appear OneDrive acts the same way.


We have the most permissive permissions (anyone) setup for external sharing and by default anyone with a link and edit permissions are the default settings in SharePoint admin center. 


Does edit just really not mean edit in the SharePoint sense in OneDrive? Is there a workaround to accomplish our end goal? 

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