Shared External Users Can't Download or Print Docs

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I have OneDrive Sharing at it's most permissive level, but when I share a file with an external user they get a message "Your organization doesn't allow you to download, print, or sync using this device" when they access the file or folder.

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In searching around I found where one can give access to external users via Conditional Access and I applied it to just my external user and I still get the message.

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What is it I need to do so that external users can Download and Print the documents my users are sharing with them? If it is pertinent we are a GCC tenant.

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I might be misunderstanding you, but the CA policy you configured is what's actually preventing people from downloading/printing files. You are not "giving access" via it, you are effectively restricting it.

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@Cary Siemers 

For those that might have a similar issue, I solved it by running the following PowerShell

Set-SPOTenant -ApplyAppEnforcedRestrictionsToAdHocRecipients $false