Shared by me - No Sorting Options?

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Really excited to see the much awaited Shared By Me in OneDrive for Business. We definitely see the benefits and will use this in our continued effort to educate users on why they should share a document rather then send out copies. One issue - it is not sortable? And the default sort order I have not quite figured out.


1. Will it be sortable?

2. If not can we sort by something that makes sense like "Latest Shared"?

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You're probably right in that this has gotten prioritized down. It may seem strange, as it's right there under "Share with me", but they probably wanted to focus on making Teams more competitive under the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes sense.

It's too bad that we just need maybe a year of focus on making quality-of-life changes to SharePoint/Teams file handling in order to make it truly competitive with file explorer for file management and sharing, but we keep missing out, since the focus seems to be more on things like Viva, Mesh, Power Platform, etc. I get why they go that way, I'm just lamenting that we end up having to spend time helping our users with things that we shouldn't have to.
Thanks prioritised down means downgraded or demoted.

Now nearly 3 years on and still no update on Shared by me sorting options. 

As this is already available in the Shared with me view, is this not something which could be sorted now relatively quickly and easily?

Alternatively, could site administrators be empowered to update this themselves?

Replying to @JaceeL1970's and @Allan With Sørensen dated 29.03.2021

I am trying to help users find shared with me files and because they can't sort by metadata, filter by metadata etc...they are out of luck finding files!!!! They have hundreds of files and you can't sort and get them all in one page. There is no move or download a batch and when you click sort it flips you back to page one....Could at least sync with onedrive...then we could grab things...

@Rob Bowman 
I am a teacher with hundreds of students - all share their MS files with me so I can help them, review them, and grade them.  One Drive DID allow me to sort these Shared WITH Me files until about a week ago.  Suddenly I cannot sort these shared files - WHAT!!!!!!!!???????
I was able to sort by user, person shared, date, etc.  
Now I have nothing.
This makes it much more difficult - extra steps.
Please advise - HELP!

A Desperate School Teacher

Why is this still not fixed? We have the same functionality when it comes to files shared with me. So I am certain that an implementation is not a big deal. Can you @Catherine Feldman or @Stephen Rice give us an update on this? Thank you.

If you go to the front page of and click "My Content" and then "Shared", you can now filter for "Created by me" (not "Shared by me"). This way you can see what you have shared and it is sortable. There are two columns that are relevant to sort by: "Name" and "Shared" (which is the time/date of sharing).

So this is a third way of viewing files/folders that are shared with or by you. The other two still being available in OneDrive, where you still can't sort shared with me. I'd have to imagine that the OneDrive views will be updated at some point.

@Stephen Rice 


2023 and still no sort options for shared by me in OneDrive.