Share files or photos secuely to specific people via email no longer working.

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Per these instructions, one can share files or folders on OneDrive with others using one of two methods.

Create a link to share, or, send an invite to access via email.


I have used both methods in the past with success.


Recently, I needed to share a file securely, meaning, I did not want to simply create a link that anyone could access if they had the link. I wanted to use the share via email method which allows me to share a file with "specific" people who would go through a verification process.


When I do this, I get this popup showing that the link was sent to just this specific person, but this person never receives the email. I am using the desktop OneDrive to send this out, tried numerous times to different email addresses. I always get this popup but the email never arrives.




I then tried a test share email with a sample file and shared it using the OneDrive phone app and those emails actually do go out, however, there is no verification required. This is just creating a link that anyone with access can use. Thus, if someone hacks into a persons email and can find the link, ANYONE will be able to access a secure file. This won't work for me.


My question is, how do I get the secure "specific" people email invite to work from my desktop?


I've tried to access help for this issue on Microsoft but they were unable to fix the issue but they did assign me Case #:1058064150 for reference.

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What is your default email program?
I use both yahoo mail and gmail. But since the email is sent from Microsoft's OneDrive platform, are you suggesting that the issue is on the receiving end? Because I can't get anyone who uses outlook to receive the shared file emails either.