Serious UX issue with how OneDrive behaves after initial sign-in

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This issue has been going on for years.


Think of the following scenario.


New PC, newly installed windows. First sign-in to the OneDrive app. Assume also you have just 100gb free space on the PC drive and hundreds of gigabytes of data and millions of files on the cloud. (or you just one a single folder added to a workstation instead of downloading all the private data)


Immediately after signing in OneDrive starts "enumerating" all the data from the cloud. All of it! Then it starts re-creating the complete folder structure. If user wants to uncheck folders he's prevented because OneDrive is enumerating. I believe also there was a message that user cannot uncheck folder until it is fully downloaded. 

If the user decides to pause the sync process. The button to choose folders is disabled while paused.


So we reach an impasse.


Please dev team fix this issue already. Before it was no problem with max size of the cloud 16GB but now with 1TB this is becoming a serious issue.


Suggestion of a solution: Do not start the sync immediately after sign-in, allow the user to click Start after he or she chooses which folders to be synchronized.


Thank you in advance.

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