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Hello all,


I'm looking for some option, if there is any to notify all users that I have shared file with. The scenario can be, that file was for example restored from previous version due to some mess inside it and I want to notify all users, that they have to refill their data. Is there some option how to do it?


Thank you for your answer in advance.

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Hi Pavel!

I do not know of any standard functionality for this other than looking at the properties of the document and see which people you have shared it with, and then manually send an email to them.

Otherwise, with some programming, you should be able to write a small script that runs through a specified document (or all documents) in your OneDrive and list the people you've shared the document(s) with.

Here are something that might be useful for You if you choose to code the functionality: 


Regards, Magnus

Hi @Pavel Večeř,


There is no instant UI affordance for this today. If this is somethign you're interested in though, please suggest it over at Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Hi @Stephen Rice,


Thank you for response. I created uservoice idea for it -


So have a nice day.





Has there been any update to this? I have a OneNote with about 40 people it's shared on and it would be great if there was a quick way to email all of them at once for updates on the document.

@Pavel Večeř 

Similarly, I would like to do this, any progress since 2018? Doesn't seem to be in the UI :(
There appears to be an obscure path to achieve this - at least it works for me at my company.

1. From "File, Info" look for "Open File Location", which opens the OneDrive web interface.
2. Click on "Shared" at the right, and then "Advanced" at the bottom right. This takes me to a Sharepoint site. YMMV
3. From Sharepoint there are two tabs, Browse and Permissions. From Browse, *click on the name of the file*. It was not clear to me that that was a link until I hovered over it. I get two new tabs, "Browse" and "View".
4. In the "View" tab click on "Shared With". At the bottom there is an option "EMAIL EVERYONE", which opens Outlook with a nice template email containing a link to the document.

Not sure why this is so hard...
So obscure, amazing find!

@lleeoowork is this still working? Followed your instructions and can't find the option to send email to everyone

@Picada Yes, I found it today! Follow the same steps from @lleeoowork's post, but then on step #4, on the View Tab, click 'Shared With', and then in the new window that pops up, under the list of people with existing access, are the hyperlinked words "EMAIL EVERYONE". It worked for me today. YEA!