search option not showing results

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the search option doesnt show any results despite having cleared the cache. I am using this on MacBook Air. The same problem is on the iPhone as well.


Its quite frustrating as we can see the files/folders but the search result doesnt show them


I am planning to use one drive for online storage of my business files and folders but unless there is a solution to this problem I am quite reluctant to do so to avoid waste of time.


can anybody help.


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By search option, do you mean in MacOS or in browser? What cache are you talking about? What system versions are you using?

Please explain your setup as no one is looking at your screen.

@Mike Williams 

sorry for my late reply. I missed your message completely.


Most of my one drive is storing photos. Say about 80% of the space used is for photos which are filed in folders with different names. The rest 20% consists of other files such as pdf/excel/etc.


I have one drive app on my iPhone. When I search within the app in the search box I am not able to get all search results which match the content. For example - I have a folder starting with the name GYAN but when I search that folder name within the app it fails to show me the result.


Similarly when I open the website of one drive and login from a MacBook I am unable to find the folder.


It is not particularly for a specific file/folder name. I have tried this with various file names but it doesnt show all results which match the file name or folder names. Few folders are searched and results are shown but some folders/photos fail. I am not sure what is the criteria used by SEARCH option within one drive.


Another example - I have a folder starting with the name AREA. When I search for AREA in the search box one drive fails to show me the folder/file name which match the word AREA. But surprisingly it does show me photos wherein somewhere the word AREA is in the background of a photo. I have few photos where the name of the street or area appears in the background of the image. 


Please let me know if I need to give you any more information. 


Its quite frustrating that one drive fails to show me the folders/files with the name starting from my search but it goes to the level of searching and matching the word which appears in the background of a photo


I hope you can help me.


thank you in advance.



There have been a lot of search issues reported recently. Contact Microsoft through the app (Help and Feedback > Report a problem). That's what I do when I have specific issues, and they have always been very responsive. (Ditto: Dropbox)