Save attachments from Outlook to OneDrive for Business

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I am using Outlook 365. I noticed that Save attachment to OneDrive is missing when I right click on attachment option from received email. This option it is showing only team sites groups where I am subscribed, I am not able to see my OneDrive site.


I also see and try suggested fix. But No luck,


I can see OneDrive sites using browser and able to sync with my local ODB client.


Can anyone please help me out?





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In y case I'm seeing a "Load" option when selecting the attachment and I have the option to select the ODFB location where to store the documents

Hi Juan


As I mentioned earlier I can also see Upload option, but OneDrive option is not available.



When using OneDrive if your syncing, wouldn’t it be easier to just use save as and save to your OneDrive folder and it will sync up?

As for it not showing in the list. If you go to file > accounts. Make sure your OneDrive is listed in there and signed in. I think it pulls from that.



Take a look to be sure you have successfully connected to your OneDrive for Business in Outlook. If not, follow the steps below: 

1. Navigate to File > Office Account

2.  Click Add a service > Service > OneDrive

Enter your OneDrive for Business account when prompted.


Let us know if that works for you. 


Hi Christopher:

Yes, that is an option.

I believe Avian would like to save an attachment that was sent to him. In this case, he would 'shave off' a few steps saving the attachment directly to OneDrive from the email.