Root Folder Name Source for Shared Libraries on Local Windows 10 machine

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I am trying to find where the name for the folder for the locally downloaded shared library stored is set.  I have changed the organization name, but OneDrive isn't picking it up.  I have disconnected my business account, deleted the associated folders and resynced as well. 


Or is this just a case of having to wait for something to sync up?  The Office 365 UI already shows the change.  Below is an image of the folder that is generated when for shared libraries on my local machine. 


In short, where does the name come from?


Thanks in advance.



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I find this question all over the web but no answers that address this correctly. If the businesses name has changed how do you update so that onedrive picks up the new name. In the case I am working on its not the tennant name nor is changing the organization name in settings or Azure AD. It has to be somewhere but no one on the web seems to know where (frankly most responders don't really understand the issue and talk about "you can't change the tennant name" Right - it's not the tennant name)