Restoring OneDrive Personal (It's not performing as expected)

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*Folders in OneDrive (OD) Recycle Bin (RB) show “0 Bytes*

Wed Jan 6 at around 6 pm, 80 GB worth of files on my Desktop (Dp) were deleted from my local drive when I deleted Dp on my OD. I guess I shouldn’t have synced my Dp with OD. This sync had created a different directory for Dp


I was wanting to change it back because I wasn’t finding Dp directly when using MATLAB to search for files. So when I hovered to Dp properties on OD & attempted to change the directory back, OD re-synced with Dp creating many duplicates. And storage grew from 40 GB to 80 GB. I started to manually delete all those files that had the “- Copy” in the naming. But there were too many to delete. So I then proceeded to delete the entire Dp only on OD (unaware this will delete all files on my local drive too). I remember a pop up mentioning something like “you are about to delete 80 GB .. this is a large data..“ I should have read it intently. On seeing only RB left on my local drive, I immediately started to restore using OD RB but it did not restore everything. Then I signed up for MS 365 and opted for Restoring OD. This, I have tried multiple times (> 6) over past 2 weeks. The process did go to 100% but the files in the sub folders of larger sub folders are all still missing. Only 3.75 GB of Dp restored.

Need 40 GB back! (ignoring duplicates)

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