Removing a OneDrive Folder Unsynced to MS Teams

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Hey everyone,


I recently finished my work on a school project where we worked with synced OneDrive files from our MS Teams group to our computers; I no longer need to access them from the cloud through File Explorer. If I need anything I will download it directly from Teams instead.


I have unsynced the folder through the settings of the OneDrive folder in question - it reads 'not syncing' below the folder's name and I confirmed it by deleting a spare file and seeing it didn't get removed on our Teams Files. 


Am I able to remove this now unsynced folder from my computer, or would that put the files on the cloud at risk? How do I safely remove this folder because I don't want it on my PC anymore? Any help is appreciated!



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If you have removed the synced, then it's just like a regular folder on your machine. So, think of it like that. If you do not need it, delete it. It will only delete it from your machine.

You have already tested deleting a file, and it did not delete from the Teams (SharePoint) location, so, it's only on your machine.